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The Al-Hikmah Journal of Education


Posted on 6th Jun 2016 16:48:09 in

Education as a legacy left behind by the missionaries and colonial masters, which also serves as a valuable weapon for self-actualization and a tool for all round development, still records low participation in some parts of the country because of gender discrimination which is not in favour of the girl-child. Education to the girl-child is like a forbidden fruit which should not be taken by her, this posed among other things, great challenges to the education of the girl-child. The ill-will against education of the girl is not limited to Nigeria only, it cuts across the developing countries of the world. Education to a girl is like a waste of resources, forgetting the popular saying that if you educate a woman you educate a nation. Moreover, for any country to be developed she must involve all the citizens in decision making regardless of gender. Nigerian women at home and in diasporas have occupied leadership position, they have contributed to the development of the country in decision-making. The role of women in national development cannot be over-emphasized. This paper addressed the challenges of girl/woman education, as well as assesses some women who have made Nigeria great at home and abroad. Recommendations were made in view of girl-child education and the effective implementation of it.